Professor Hiraoki Kitano

Sony Al, Japan

Professor Hiroaki Kitano is CEO of Sony AI Inc. Additionally, he is Executive Vice President and Officer in charge for AI Collaboration for Sony Corporation and CEO of Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc. He also serves as the director of Sony Global Education. He is the Founding President of the RoboCup Federation, a recipient of The Computers and Thought Award in 1993 and Nature Award for Creative Mentoring in Science (Mid-carrier award) in 2009. He has served as the president of International Joint Conferences on Artificial Intelligence (2009-2011) and has served as a member of scientific advisory boards for numerous academic institutions including European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL). He currently serves as a professor at Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate School. Most recently he was named a fellow of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (2021).

119 Buckhurst Street
South Melbourne VIC 3205 Australia
T +61 3 9645 6311

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