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We are pleased to offer a range of events throughout the Congress to enhance your experience and to create opportunities for you to meet with colleagues from across the globe. 

Grimwade Medal Public Lecture and Reception: A Plenary Lecture by Nobel Prize Winner, Professor Brian Kobilka
Date: Sunday 22 September 2024
Public Lecture:  1700-1830 (includes Welcome to Country and Plenary Lecture) 
Reception: 1830-1915 (limited refreshments served in the foyer) 
Venue: Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre
Cost: Tickets are included for full registrations and accompanying persons registrations. Tickets for the public will be released closer to the time of the event. 

We commence the Congress with a Welcome to Country and then the presentation of the Grimwade Medal Public Lecture featuring Professor Brian Kobilka from Stanford University and Nobel Prize Recipient in Chemistry in 2012.  Light refreshments will be served following the lecture. 

The public lecture is titled: G Protein Coupled Receptors: Challenges and New Approaches to Drug Discovery

Brian Kobilka was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2012 for discoveries that revealed the workings of G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs). GPCRs are molecular switches on our cell surfaces that are important for how our bodies respond to hormones and neurotransmitters. They also underpin our senses of sight, smell, and taste.

 GPCRs are a major focus for developing drugs, including opioids that treat acute and chronic pain. While current opioid painkillers are effective, they are highly addictive and have contributed to the opioid epidemic.

 In this Grimwade Award Plenary Lecture, Professor Kobilka will explore how GPCR signaling works, and the difficulties in discovering drugs for GPCRs, using the µ-opioid receptor (µOR) as an example. He will discuss what we've learned about the structure of the opioid receptor and how it relates to signaling through this pathway. Understanding the molecular details of GPCRs is helping the development of new drugs that separate pain relief from addiction and other negative effects.


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